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Rogers Home Phone is a reliable way to connect with family and friends. With affordable long distance rates and phone features, you’ll have everything you need to keep in touch with loved ones, no matter where they – or you – are.

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Calling Features

Home & away voicemail

Home & Away Voicemail

Manage your voicemail messages like email! Get access to Online Voicemail, Voicemail Notifier, Voicemail-to-Text and more!

Home & away online manager

Home & Away Online Manager

Forward your calls, change your ring settings and manage your phone privacy settings all within your control from the convenience of any computer with Internet access.

Call display

Call Display

Tells you who is calling before you answer the phone. If you add Call Waiting, you’ll get the Visual Call Waiting feature, allowing you to see an incoming caller's name and number while on the phone.

TV call display

TV Call Display

See who's calling right on your TV screen. Subscription to Digital TV required. Regular Call Display required.

Call display blocking

Call Display Blocking

Automatically prevent your name and number from being displayed on all outgoing calls.

Call waiting

Call Waiting

When you're on the phone, you can be alerted that there is another incoming call. If you add Call Display, you’ll get the Visual Call Waiting feature, allowing you to see an incoming caller's name and number while on the phone.

Three way calling

Three-Way Calling

Add a third caller to your current phone call.

Call transfer

Call Transfer

Transfer incoming calls to an alternate telephone number.

Call return - busy/last

Call Return — Busy/Last

Automatically redial the number of the last incoming call. If that number is busy, you'll be alerted with a special ring when the line becomes available.

Distinctive ring

Distinctive Ring (a-la-carte only)

Add up to twoadditional phone numbers, each with a distinctive ring. Each additional number uses the same line, but it has its own ring so you’ll always know who the incoming call is for. Note: call screen and anonymous caller rejection features do not block any calls received on a distinctive ring telephone number. $6 charge for this feature.

Long distance lock

Long Distance Lock

Enable or disable outgoing long distance or international calling.

Auto connect

Auto Connect

If you take the receiver off the hook and it does not dial after a period of time, the phone will dial a number that you’ve chosen ahead of time.


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