Rogers Unison

Finally, the best features of your office desk phone, without having to pay for one.

With Rogers Unison, small businesses across Canada are re-imagining what it means to do business on the go.

See how your business can help you escape the restrictions of your office desk phones.

You need to be available when a customer needs to reach you. Business depends on it. Rogers Unison provides the powerful features of a traditional desk phone in a simplified and truly mobile solution. No apps to download and launch. No mobile data-usage charges for phone calls. No need to pay for unused landlines or desk phones. And, with the ability to route incoming calls to whoever is available, no more missed calls.


Auto Attendant: Make your small business more professional.

Auto Attendant is a fully automated answering system that professionally greets your customers and directs their calls to the right destination. It’s a higher-level customer experience.

Hunt Groups: Ensure your customers are never left on hold and can always reach you or someone on your team

Always be reachable by your customers with Hunt Groups. Route incoming client calls between team members until they’re answered, ensuring your customers are never left on hold. Every call is answered by someone on your team.

Dual Persona: Now your office can be as mobile as you are

Dual Persona lets you keep your existing local line number and add it to your mobile devices. That eliminates the need for customers to remember a new number and for you to update business cards and directory listings. You can also choose new numbers from different regions to expand where you do business while appearing local to callers in any area you choose.

Simultaneous Ring: Never let another call go unanswered

Simultaneous Ring directs calls to multiple devices at the same time. Now your customers can always be sure to reach you or someone from your team when they need to.

Voicemail to Email: Stay on top of calls even when you're not free to talk

Voicemail to Email instantly sends you audio files of the messages others have left you. That means you can react to your clients’ needs, even when you’re not available to speak with them directly. Just one more way Rogers Unison helps you stay connected to your customers and your team.