Business-Grade Internet

When your business relies on the internet, your internet needs to be reliable. But extreme weather or accidents can take down your line, and cyberattacks can paralyze your operations. If that happened, how long would it take to fix? How much revenue would you lose? What measures are in place to make sure it doesn’t happen?

With Rogers Business InternetTM, you get enhanced business-grade features to help ensure your business stays up and running so you can stay focused on what matters: your customers.

Internet built for business

Get constantly connected internet with our LTE wireless back up network, built-in security and the dedicated support your business deserves.

LTE wireless backup


Rogers Business Internet – ProTM* offers an automatic LTE wireless connection that seamlessly takes over so your business stays online while your primary connection is repaired. This backup internet connection can help prevent lost revenue, protects your brand’s reputation and keeps your employees productive.

Network-level security

Malware attacks are often launched when an employee unknowingly clicks on a bad link. With proactive, built-in network-level security, requests to malicious sites are automatically blocked, eliminating the need for costly add-ons like firewalls. Updates also happen automatically so you can stay focused on your business.

Dedicated support

We’re committed to repairing your wired internet connection within four hours or less**, and you’ll have access to Rogers Business Specialists who can answer all your questions and set up new services for you as needed. Plus, our technical support services are available 24/7.

Business Wi-Fi

Complement your Rogers Business Internet with Wi-Fi* to drive even more value for your organization:

  • Help increase your employees’ productivity and enrich your customers’ experiences by providing them with reliable, high-speed wireless internet access throughout your workplace.
  • Easily separate your business internet traffic from your guest Wi-Fi traffic, keeping your company’s confidential data secure and protected.
  • Gain insights about your customers, including foot traffic and online activity, through a cloud-based dashboard so you can maximize your business strategies and marketing efforts.

Plus we install and monitor everything for you.