Introducing a real-time enterprise network management and reporting system

A business’s network infrastructure is the beating heart of their organization and the lifeline to today’s cloud applications. It powers critical components, from the firewall to industrial wifi, and when an issue arises, it can halt the entire operation. Much like a human body, it can be difficult to diagnose the root cause of a network problem. Often times, IT departments must employ a multitude of monitoring and management tools, driving excessive costs and resourcing challenges . It’s enough for an overwhelmed and frustrated help desk team to wish for an x-ray machine to pinpoint the problem.

Rogers eView offers a much-needed solution to the growing complexities of network management. The cloud-based system provides end-to-end visibility into a network with a real-time performance overview so customers know what is happening, exactly when it is happening.. It even allows for pro-active monitoring with notifications for impending malfunctions to help reduce the business risk of downtime.

For example, imagine a large logistics company in the middle of a busy production season, and in anticipation of the holiday rush. Every department, from order desk to warehouse operators to shipping logistics and, finally, billing , is buzzing with activity. Every minute of work directly impacts the company’s bottom line during this critical period. Suddenly, eView detects a network issue and instantly provides an alert. Because of the timely notification, problems are able to be quickly pinpointed and remedied, when in the past,even finding the source of the problem could take hours.

The IT team also uses eView’s reporting function to review historical data for the network as a whole or specific areas of the network. Utilization metrics and KPI’s at the click of a button replace lengthy and manual capacity audits. . The concrete data provided by the eView’s analytics provide the IT team with clear and easy-to-understand evidence, accelerating the approval process with senior leadership.

As businesses grow and expand, so too does their IT governance and corporate security responsibilities. Gaining a holistic view–or x-ray vision–of the network is more important than ever.

For a complete overview of Rogers eView, watch our video. To get started, contact one of our specialists.