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How does Rogers Home Phone service work?

Rogers Home Phone uses the same, secure Rogers cable lines to deliver your phone service. Simply put, instead of getting your phone service over the telephone company wires, you’ll get it through Rogers lines.

How is this different from Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone services?

Rogers Home Phone service does not require or use the public Internet as VOIP services do. This difference ensures that potential slow-downs that occur as a result of load and other factors on the Internet do not affect Rogers Home Phone. Using a state-of-the art, managed, dedicated network, Rogers Home Phone service provides high-quality, robust telephone services. Rogers Home Phone service is not VOIP. Rogers Home Phone service is delivered over the Rogers privately owned and monitored secure packet cable network that is NOT accessible to the general public, unlike VOIP services that run over the public internet.

Is Rogers Home Phone compatible with fax machines?

Rogers Home Phone is designed to support most types of telephone devices. Because of the wide variety of fax machines, we cannot guarantee full compatibility with every type and there may be circumstances in which failed calls will be experienced. We have a number of potential solutions to meet your needs: If your fax machine shares the same line as your current local landline, you may continue to use it with Rogers Home Phone, although the service is not guaranteed.

If you have a fax machine or modem using a dedicated line, we recommend that you maintain it as a second line for your fax, and install Rogers Home Phone as your primary phone service.

Does Rogers Home Phone work with home alarms?

Rogers Home Phone works with the majority of alarm systems.