How does Rogers track my usage?

Rogers tracks the amount of data transferred through your Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Gateway over a 24 hour period (12:00AM UTC to 12:00am UTC) and uploads this data to your usage tracker which can be found by logging into your MyRogers account on

What are common data usages and how much data does it use?

  • The following are examples are common data consumption activities. Note: The amounts of data are approximate, as emails and websites can vary in size.
  • 1 GB of data will allow you to:
    • View 3,500 websites
    • Receive 500 digital photos
    • Download 200 songs
  • 20 GB of data will allow you to:
    • Watch 70 hours of SD video streaming online
    • Watch 18 hours of HD video streaming online
    • Download 10 HD videos

How do I avoid unintentional data usage?

  • Turn off peer-to-peer programs when you’re not download.
  • When you download files using peer-to-peer services such as BitTorrent, you’re not only downloading large files – you may also be uploading those files from your computer.
  • Some applications may even stay open when you think they’re closed. Always be sure to completely exit any file-sharing applications when you’re not downloading, and always turn off your computer when you’re done.
  • Regularly scan your computer for viruses and spyware.
  • Some viruses are designed to send mass e-mails (SPAM) from your system or attempt to use your connection to attack other computers on the internet. This may increase your usage and slow down your computer. Spyware and adware pose similar threats, infecting your system and either sharing your information or displaying unwanted pop-ups and banners. Anti-Spyware and pop-up blockers will protect your system from these unwelcome guests, eliminating the potential for unintentional usage.
  • Make sure your system is protected with up-to-date security software’s like Rogers Online Protection.
  • Make sure your Wireless Home Network is secure.
  • An insecure wireless router or network can allow unauthorized users to use your service, slowing its speed and increasing your usage. Take the time to secure your router to prevent unauthorized users from connecting and using your internet connection.
  • Be aware of how others authorized users are using the internet connection.
  • Although you may be aware of your usage allowance and how to optimize your experience by following the tips above, it is also important that you make everyone in your household aware. Share this information with everyone who uses the internet connection in your home.

Do I need a new modem in order to upgrade my internet package?

You don’t need to purchase a modem since a modem rental is included in ROGERS IGNITETMinternet packages. However, depending on the internet package you’ve selected, you may need to change your current modem if you don’t already have an Advanced Wi-Fi modem or a RocketTM Wi-Fi modem. See below for more info.

ROGERS IGNITE internet packages and bundles include rental of the Rocket Wi-Fi modem or Advanced Wi-Fi modem.

If you currently have an Advanced Wi-Fi modem or Rocket Wi-Fi modem and want to move to a ROGERS IGNITE internet package or bundle, you can change your service right away and you will no longer be billed for modem rental fees.

Older Wi-Fi modems are not eligible for use with ROGERS IGNITE 70u, 100u and 250u internet packages and bundles — you’ll need to switch to a Rocket Wi-Fi modem or Advanced Wi-Fi modem when you upgrade your internet package.

The Internet 30 package includes rental of the Wi-Fi modem (Hitron CGN2 or Cisco DPC3825). If you currently have a Wi-Fi modem, you can change your service right away and you’ll no longer be billed for modem rental fees.