The latest generation in wireless network technology continues to grow and so do the benefits for small and medium businesses.

Learn how the Rogers 5G Wireless Network helps businesses make decisions, improve agility, and embrace the market of the future.  

Fifth generation, better known as 5G, is the latest standard of mobile networking. The Rogers 5G network already reaches hundreds of communities in Canada, and it is still expanding. But what does that really mean?

Like its predecessors, 5G promises higher speeds, lower latency and more capabilities. Many discussions on the technology focus on the impact on major industries and heavy manufacturing. This is because the capacity of the network allows for the use of mass quantities of “Internet of Things” (IoT) and smart devices simultaneously, which typically benefit these large operations. However, the uses go beyond just these sectors.

Even as 5G continues to evolve, many SMBs are already planning to take advantage of the technology the network will enable. Retail, one of the most important industries in the country, can utilize emerging smart technology to improve and automate their supply chains, as well as elevate the shopping experience for customers.

Construction managers, too, can invest in new tools to help increase safety and accuracy on job sites by continuously monitoring the environmental factors of the surrounding area. Manufacturers with smaller workforces or scopes of production can increase their output through 5G-enabled devices.

Even as 5G continues to evolve and change, businesses are already using it to their competitive advantage. The 5G network will continue to make an impact on every industry and organization, no matter the size.